La Fille (pronounced La Fee) means 'the girl' in French and is home to our girl, internationally acclaimed artist, Tiffany Marie. La Fille Gallery is more than an art gallery displaying refined concrete carved art; it is a 10,000 sq ft showroom, working studio, and event space spanning over four stories, showcasing artistic finishes on the walls, ceiling and floors. Step across the threshold and immerse yourself in the La Fille experience as we invite you to touch the art, feel the historic charm of the building mixed with unique restoration techniques.
Have fun as you try and distinguish if what you are looking at is indeed a wood beam or is it an air duct made to look like a beam? Walk on our 5-foot lily pads across the peaceful Koi fish pond in our basement 'Vault' as you learn the history behind the rare antiquities sprinkled throughout our "European garden", all the while wondering if La Fille can create a space specific to you, and the answer is yes.