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Custom Art & More

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Tiffany Marie has produced over 1000 pieces of commissioned art for private and commercial owners. Art is limitless and is not confined to the canvas. Whether it is a custom tabletop, art on the side of a building, refinishing an old piano, or creating a lovely piece to hang on your wall, the possibilities are endless. We challenge you to dream in color, push your limits, and let us help make your dream a reality. 

Tiffany Marie’s specialized mediums are carved concrete relief sculptures, resins, mosaics, restorative art, frescos, custom tables, and more.

Featured Galleries:

Lansing area, MI: La Fille Gallery (artist owned), Klein Artistic Galleries

Florida: Robb and Stucky (3 locations), Sweet Art Gallery, Key West Show, 5th Avenue Design Center, DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal

Featured Businesses:

Lansing, MI area: GCSI, Knight Cap, P Squared Wine Bar, Michigan Realtors, The Idea People, Peak Performance, Lansing Capital Regional International Airport.

East Lansing: DTN, Marriott Hotel,Playmakers

Oldtown, MI: Spin Bicycle Shop, Rizzi Designs

Featured Locations:

USA: New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Sarasota, Naples, Key West, Ft. Meyers, Park City, Louisville

International: France, Italy, South Korea, South Africa